About Us

HarvestSprings is a culmination of various God given dreams, impressions and activities at different times, the getting it not quite right and the refining at the potter’s wheel since 2005. It is a new generation bible-based church hub that will be in the forefront of raising an apostolic voice of transformation in the land.

Harvestsprings is an apostolic and prophetic equipping hub with a mandate to realign God’s children to the true Gospel; the ethical Gospel. It is a gathering of spiritual orphans that the church has subdued or failed to recognise their giftings and call to the church at large, the market place and the world at large.

If you are looking for a perfect church, we are not it, but what we are is a movement of God and people loving, heavenly focused and earthly relevant Queens and Kings who will stand for justice, war and win against the enemy of our soul and establish God’s kingdom. We carry the DNA of our father in that we are pace-setters, trail-blazers and watchmen who will make sure that all that God has given to us, we get and keep away from the stealer and destroyer.

At HarvestSprings we believe God is raising a Church within the Church, just like the Philadelphia church of Rev 3:7 though, whose strength is small but has kept the word of God and has not denied His name. We believe God has opened a door for us that no man can shut, for the time has come to show the people the difference between the holy and the profane.

We are committed to Prayer, Discipling Nations, Visionary Leadership, Freewill/Sacrificial Giving and in fulfilling the Great Commission. Join us as we return the Church to her first love and create the passion for the undiluted word of God again as in the days of old.

God bless you!