Our Ethos

The Ethical Practical Gospel

I often hear people talk about not being religious and not having a faith and some have no opinions and others say they are atheist. I believe that everyone has the capacity for faith, it’s how we’re naturally constructed, we’re all operating in an element of faith daily, whatever that may look like. I think the expression of that faith is how and where we often differ and where friction initiates, as society finds it easier to categorise a particular idea of faith or religion to make it digestible and understandable.

However, in doing so it negates the lives and the journeys of the people involved and thus become exclusive, which is the antithesis of Christ’s gospel. Faith in Christ is not defined by behaviours nor buildings, for me and my story it’s really about a way of life, faith has so many expressions and just opens our eyes to different decisions, choices and options. I believe faith is Faith when it’s practical, so I believe in humanity, our world is made up of communities of relationships. We walk in faith, when we care for all, regardless of their personal beliefs, we mend and heal fractured relationships, which can be between individuals, tribal groups as well as between governments and their people.

Caring is what builds and sustains healthy relationships; every type of commitment, contract and communication is founded on the basis of relationships, and is common to us all. For me, having journeyed through those times of being in need, and having seen those that professed faith feel it was more important to observe the rules of their faith rather than help or assist me in my place of need, unlocked something within me. This experience underpins the vision of HarvestSprings, which is really about caring relationships, something I’m very passionate about.

We (HarvestSprings) want to help the individuals that make up our communities as well as the communities themselves, as we do in rural parts of Kenya where we’ve been assisting them in building up their own community, we’re helping to put infrastructure in place, we’re helping to train people to learn to love and care for other people. It takes more faith to facilitate development than it does to throw money at a situation. Relationships, like seeds put in a ground, take courage, it takes investment, it takes belief that you’re not working in vain, it needs nourishment and attention and faith that it will yield good fruit. Relationships at work with your colleagues, with your boss, with customers, when you’re the customer! With our families, all of it is about being the best version of ourselves. We tend to express outwardly the world we’re trying to figure out inwardly. So we choose to partner with Christ in faith, to help others discover their best and express that in serving others and the communities around us.

-Patricia Adewumi, Lead Pastor