Our Ministries

Within the Church, we are focused on building people apostolically and Prophetically to operate in their purpose and call.

We have a focused

  1. Children & Youth Ministry
  2. Men & Women Ministry
  3. Prayer & Worship Ministry

Our goal is simply to help as many people as we possibly can, grow and heal in Christ so they can thrive in their faith, calling and every facet of their life.

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Women In Ministry Alliance (WIMA)

WIMA mandate is to birth, support, accredit, celebrate and officially recognises ministry that serves across the fivefold ministry gifts of the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers and across the 7 mountains of influence of our society on a daily basis, be it in the arts & entertainments, business/commerce, education, family, government/politics, media and the church mountains across the world

Discovering the Wholesome Person

The wholesome person (woman, man, child & family) is a vision aimed at prophetically facilitating the discovery of every person’s the full package of who God has called you to be. The mandate is to be a catalyst and facilitate a reversion to the original design of God for the person and a Godly change to a nation by reaching its seven spheres, or mountains, of societal influence through prayer and righteous activism.

Davidic Praise Prophetic Worship

Davidic Praise – Prophetic Worship, is a gathering of prophets ministering in worship to usher in God’s presence and be his mouthpiece. In 1 Chronicles 25 v 1-7, the musicians were chosen to prophesy in string instruments in worship, just like David did to Saul in 1 Samuel 16 v 23.

Prophetic Worship Prayer Retreat

The retreat is an opportunity for people to take a step back from their day to day living and pursue an encounter with God. The retreat is ideally suited for people searching for answers to life limiting experiences or reoccurring patterns of struggles, be it ministerial or personal.

Addressing Mental Health In The Church

Breaking the Silence of Mental Health in the Church. We wanted to be brave in Christ and address this often under resourced and taboo area of Christian life. God’s heart is to restore his children. Help them live life abundantly, fully operating with the mind of Christ. We work with leaders and other authorities to offer practical guidance and frameworks in this challenging area of Church life.


We aim to advance the Christian through the holding of prayer meetings, empowerment programmes outreaches, lectures and producing and/or distributing literature on the Christian faith to enlighten others about the need to contribute positively to the society.

Kenya Missions

The relief of financial hardship among people in Kenya, especially children by providing such persons with food, shelter, clothing, education, school uniforms, recreation, medical and other such support. We carry out these activities through our HarvestSprings Kenya Orphanage and Empowerment programmes.